Excessive Force

This video is terrifying. Some of the comments I’m reading on Facebook are making me sick to my stomach. They serve as written evidence that some humans…some Canadians…actually believe that this type of behaviour from police is justified. Some believe that our right to be treated with respect and kindness is negated if you match some inherently generic description- young, black, female.
About the girl.

You cannot blame her for feeling uncomfortable with two officers approaching and interrogating her while she is standing at a busstop doing nothing and having done nothing. They assumed she was their wanted one; I imagine their vibe was not serving or protecting her.

You cannot blame her for backing away when they were clearly not believing her words. It’s called recoiling out of fear.

You cannot blame her for getting upset when they decided to throw her to the ground and cuff her. Others maybe would have just cried and cried and cried. We all respond to being wronged in different ways. She had every right to be upset. How the fuck did they decide this was the right thing to do?

Remember…she didn’t do anything. This is how her day went, standing at a busstop. Approached, interrogated, her truth not believed, then thrown to the ground and cuffed. If she had stuck her hand in her purse to grab her wallet and ID, what would have these police officers done? They assumed she was their wanted one.

Excessive force is excessive force. The police could have handled this situation differently, especially since they should have assumed they were talking to an innocent person.

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