the Great Acquisition

A carefully worded ode to change.

There are experts at these things. Ask Google.

They inform of what could happen and what should happen; and within the plans of the great acquisition, I must find my place and fit. It’s tough, because I already had my sense of meaning and the change is being forced upon me. It feels invasive to my senses.

My nature is to observe and I’ve seen a lot during this new experience.  One person’s terror is another’s opportunity. One’s flight is another’s fight; one’s loss is another’s win.

Change is a strange nut; impossible to crack.

With every acquisition comes changes to several, if not all of the things I have committed to at the job and the enduring uncertainty that results is too much for some to bear, so they move on. They resign.

I don’t know which side of the pendulum I will rest today because my mind changes with each swing. Until it rests, I will not move, because I have seen worse. I have been through worse change than this.

Because some have moved on, the great acquisition plans need to change again. The job still needs to be done but the ‘how’ needs to be re-calibrated. Change keeps happening; both the invisible and the visible. Sometimes having insight to what is going on makes things feel all the more uncomfortable. Sometimes knowing…really sucks.

More uncertainty. More change. This continues for some time, until the ones who have found their place get settled and create the teams with newly committed leaders; they reconnect with their customers or start building with new ones; they find their raison d’etre.

They say it can take years to feel normal again. The reality is that there is no normal. If it’s not an acquisition, it’s something else. Time only moves forward and change moves in the same direction even if it feels the opposite at times.

My advice is to avoid group think. One person’s decision may not be right for you. One person’s upset or distaste of change may just be their own fear. Too many people make life decisions out of fear; they vote for what they don’t want instead of considering what they want…or need.


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