Man Cold

Videos and memes poking fun at how men respond to being sick typically make the rounds during this time of year.

They annoy me.

No one likes to not be taken seriously and, while there may be a trend of crying wolf when it comes to the winter cold, I don’t feel that men, in general, act like or deserve to be treated like babies.

It’s interesting how these stereotypes are derived in society.

Boys being taught to not deal with their emotions become men who are mocked for being too dramatic when they don’t feel well.

Why is so much based on extremes? How is poking fun on a social level encouraging anyone to behave differently?

I want my husband to know that, if he doesn’t feel well…if something is off…he should be encouraged to figure out what is wrong. The human body has a way of telling us when something is off and sometimes these signs are subtle. I recently had a male friend tell me that a toothache turned out to be a heart attack. He kept digging, because he knew something was wrong.

I will not be the one that cries wolf. I bought my husband a thermometer, so he can check if he has a fever as often as he’d like.



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