I caught a cold. It was right behind my eyes.

I got better.

My husband caught a cold.

He got better.

I caught another cold. Sneezing. Stuffy nose. So much Kleenex.

Then I got better.

Then I got bronchitis.

Then my husband got the flu.

What a toiled web of sickness we weave. A first in our marriage.

I blame Vancouver’s first winter.

We’ve been warned before. A cold winter is coming.

We’ve laughed at the snowrain; at the one night of black ice. Flowers blooming in December.

But this year, 33 plus days of sub zero temperatures and our city is about to implode. We’re stealing sand from our beaches now. What’s the point of having beaches if we’re going to have winters like this? We’re literally being mocked for our lack of salt. We’ve absorbed the salt through the soles of our shoes and are releasing it by acting very salty with one another. Remember Salty Sam (Port of Vancouver mascot)?

I’m freaking out. And the flu has his leg on my leg! Halp!

So I asked, in the form of a Facebook post – demanded, actually – for others to share with me their home remedies to build up your immune system. I have mine…but I’ve run out of ideas. I  am temporarily insane with hypochondria! Vancouver’s Sick Winter got me shook.

The list I received from all corners of the Lower Mainland (and several corners of the globe) had commonalities and differences. And since sharing = caring, here’s the list:

  • Drip a bunch of oregano oil under your tongue
  • Finely sliced ginger in sake on a double boiler. Heat to steaming (2 to 3 mins) and drink her up!
  • Chew on vitamin C!!!
  • Emergen-C
  • I make the following tea: fresh ginger (a lot), half lemon, honey, cayenne, turmeric and black pepper. Steep for about 10 min. Delicious.
  • Eat a bit of fermented veg (raw sauerkraut) with every meal. 🙂
  • raw garlic, olive oil. chew garlic and one table spoon of olive oil will kickstart immune system…
  • Homemade soup, ginger tea, hot bath, wash hands frequently, snuggles
  • turmeric in hot milk. add ginger for the burn. crazy, but totally works.
  • coloidal silveeeeeeeeeeeeer
  • Squize out two Lemons, mix it with sliced ginger, some Panela ( kind of brown sugar ) and a bit of rum, water – steam it up ! You lol be good ! Que tu mejores pronto

My usual tea = ginger, lemon, manuka honey. I started adding turmeric. I also drink an absurd about of herbal tea and water and will live on a diet of brothy soup for days on end. I’m vitamin Cing, peeing electric, washing my hands everytime I’m near a sink and I’m praying to not get sick again. Spare me round 4, Wintercouver. I can’t take this anymore!

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