Vancouverite Seeking Salt

I will be like a flower girl;  walking down the aisle with a basket of salty petals.

Each step will be planned and placed with care. Left foot…salt…right foot…salt.

Jokes aside, I am afraid to go to work tomorrow. Happy New Year.

  1. It’s my birthday. On my birthday in 1992, I broke my wrist playing in the snow. Back then, on that same fateful/karmaful day, I had mentioned to my mother that I was curious about how a cast felt like. I no longer have curiosity for such things.
  2. The last time I fell, I ended up in a walking cast for ten weeks. Actually, that’s not true. The last time I fell was during this year’s first ice-over. I landed on my butt, thankfully. The time before that was when I broke my foot.

I am a seasoned faller-downer, having two left feet; my knees are marked with my battle scars from unsuccessful attempts at walking. My navicular fracture of 2015 taught me that, since I didn’t break my foot the previous 200 times I fell, yet did this time – I will break something each time I fall in the future. Knee, ankle, hip, wrist, toe.

I am afraid to go to work tomorrow.

You will see me, under the shadow of Vancouver’s city hall, taking baby steps, looking down, walking on the road whenever possible, desperately seeking salt.

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